Kyle Guilbault is a comic artist and writer who recently made his first comic which titled Spider-Man: Sick Day. Sick Day has gotten a lot of attention for its writing and excellent visual style. In this interview, I spoke to Kyle about Sick Day, his inspirations and more.

1. Let’s start with a simple yet important question. What inspired you to start making Spider-man fan comics?

 Kyle Guilbault: I was originally inspired by Max Karpsten and Hannah Blumenreich’s Spider-Man fan comics and the simple or re-imagined stories they chose to tell.

2. Why did you decide to tell a story like Spider-man: Sick Day?

Kyle Guilbault: Spider-Man: Sick Day was composed as a love letter to my favourite superhero. I wanted to tell a grounded story about a teenaged Peter Parker, which I find the most interesting era for Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man was a huge motivator for the story.

3. What do you think of the reception received for your first fan comic?

Kyle Guilbault: I was actually surprised it got any attention! I’m not as active on social media as I would like since I work pretty slowly. Getting the love I’ve gotten exceeded my expectations.

4. What was your favourite part of the process whilst creating  Spider-Man: Sick Day?

Kyle Guilbault: My favourite part of making Sick Day was that it was a compilation of actual moments from my life injected with “Spider-Juice” as I call it. I would take an actual moment from my life (like delivering a care package for my then-girlfriend when she was sick) and make it WAY more exciting by adding Spider-Man into it. I think it helped make Sick Day feel genuine.

5. Are you planning on making your own Spider-Man fan comic universe? If so will it be just one-shots or will there be arcs in the future?

Kyle Guilbault: I will write any and all Marvel fan comics to exist within one universe. It will mostly be one-shots but I won’t deny the idea of making my own event, it would be a blast!

6. Are there any plans to make fan comics involving any other Spider-man family characters such as Silk, Spider-Gwen, Spider-man (Miles Morales) or Spider-woman (Jessica Drew)?

Kyle Guilbault:  I adore Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and the whole spider-verse event, so I won’t rule out their involvement in a fan comic entirely, but Peter is my universes resident spider-character for the planned future.

7. Are there any other Marvel characters that aren’t  related to Spider-Man that you want to make fan comics for?

Kyle Guilbault: I dont think any other Marvel characters are planned at the moment but I am looking at a couple DC characters I want to play around with.

8. What inspired your version of Spider-man? Was it a certain era in the comics? The movies? The cartoons?

Kyle Guilbault: The limited run of Spidey drawn by Nick Bradshaw and Nathan Stockman (and a couple other fill-ins) was the biggest inspiration to my fan comic. The tone and timeline were perfect for me. Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Bendis and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU was also a big help in writing a teenaged Peter.

9. What’s your favourite Spider-man story and why?

Kyle Guilbault:  Looking at my bookshelf right now, I would have to say Spider-Man: Blue. Just because it was such a great Gwen Stacy story that was written so well. I love revisiting that story.

10. Who’s your favourite Spider-man villain and why?

Kyle Guilbault: I’m going with Doctor Octopus. It’s a bit unfair because he’s had the most attention with Superior Spider-Man, but I just think he’s so cool and interesting. I really think he was limited by being drawn as a pudgy little man but his new Superior Octopus costume shows just how cool he can be.

11. You have a great art style. Are you influenced by any artists? If so how have they influenced you? Also, how did you learn to draw?

Kyle Guilbault: The list could go on forever but I’ll quickly list off the top of my head: Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Stuart Immonen, J. Scott Cambell, Todd Mcfarlane, and a ton others that I’m forgetting but those guys have influenced me heavily in either style, approach or mindset. I learned to draw through trial, error and practice. I was in art class for all of my schoolings and did a 1-year program at college for concept art, but I don’t know if I credit any of my skill to them. I did, however, learn a lot from my teachers about the industry and lifestyle of an artist.

12. Your writing style is very nice. Are you influenced by any writers? If so how have they influenced you?

Kyle Guilbault:  I probably have been influenced by writers, but I can’t point to anyone specific like I can with an artist I love.

13. Are you influenced/inspired by any piece of media outside of comics such as anime, manga, cartoons etc? If so how have they influenced you?

Kyle Guilbault: I grew up wanting to be a director and later discovered it was because of my love for telling stories. Now I tell them through comics but a lot of it is still the same. Picking shots, choosing angles, etc, so I learn a lot from movies and go to the movies almost once a week now because I love the experience.

14. What are some of your favourite comic books right now?

Kyle Guilbault: On the stands right now, Hawkeye by Kelly Thompson and Leo Romero is so good! I never knew about Kate Bishop before that run, but it’s made me fall in love with the character. Supersons is my favourite book out of DC right now. It’s so much wholesome fun and every issue is a blast.

15. Any plans on making a comic of your own with your own characters? If so what type of story would it be?

Kyle Guilbault: That’s a goal of mine within the next year. I do want to have a creator-owned webcomic (maybe print) that I can work on between samples or fan comics. I think it would be a superhero story. Something grounded like Hawkeye or the movie Chronicle. Not always costumed heroes vs costumed bad guys.

16. Final question: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to make a fan comic?

Kyle Guilbault: Haha I don’t know if I’m the highest authority on making fan comics, but I know what helped was being passionate about the character. You can write any story you want with any character you want. Every page of Sick Day was what I wanted out of a Spider-Man story and that is why I loved making it!

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All art used in this interview is by Kyle Guilbault from his comic Spider-Man: Sick Day.

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