NoClip, the channel produced by ex-GameSpot journalist Danny O’Dwyer, has released its newest documentary on YouTube. In this, they take an insider’s look at one of 2017’s best games: Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the hour-long documentary, O’Dwyer visits the studio of developers Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, where he interviews many senior designers on the game. Highlights include:

  • An interview with the Director of Guerrilla, Herman Hulst, on how he pitched the game to publisher Sony.
  • A discussion on the quest design of the game with ex-Elder Scrolls Online Quest Director David Ford.
  • A spoiler-free look at how the game’s story was created with Narrative Director John Gonzalez.

I personally loved hearing about the design process around many of the mechanics in Horizon Zero Dawn. How the developers utilised ‘intrinsic ideation’ to develop gameplay concepts and ideas, helps explain how Horizon feels so tightly constructed.

This documentary is one of NoClip’s longest yet, at over 65 minutes in length. Since its creation in September 2016, NoClip have produced documentaries on the development of games such as The Witcher 3, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Rocket League.

Watch the documentary via the link above. It’s well worth taking an hour out of your day.

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