Fade to Silence, the latest title out of THQ Nordic has reached early access and is currently available for purchase on the Steam store for £24.99. However, before you go out and break the bank, it’s worth noting that the game has been met with a mixed reception.

The game’s official Steam page currently has a mixed rating for user reviews, with a 65% positive rating from its current 143 user reviews.

Across the board, negativity generally surrounds the titles optimisation. Whilst a few members of the community have spoken out about the game’s combat and stealth mechanics, persistent bugs and crash reports are its main cause for concern.

Kindly, I was fortunate enough to be sent a review code for Fade to Silence. Unfortunately, however, the game is almost unplayable.

My first impressions weren’t good. Installation complete, it took four attempts to get into the game before I finally managed to get past the first loading screen. Crash report after crash report, I was quickly reacquainted with my old friend the task manager.

Even on its fourth attempt, the game would only run after all of its graphical settings were set to minimum. It should be pointed out at this point that it was running on a rig more than equipped to manage the game’s recommended requirements.

This brings to question into the forefront of my mind. Firstly, how much leeway can we afford to give early access games? Secondly, are developers using the term early access as a substitute for quality assurance?

What’s frustrating is that the game has legs. It’s interesting setting combines features not too dissimilar with the likes of Dark Souls with interesting survival mechanics. It creates a world brimming with danger and intrigue.

I managed to scrape together an hour of gameplay between crashes, but until the team behind it can invest some serious time into fixing its lapses in framerate and general problems, it’s not a title I can recommend.

Again, yes, this is a title in early access, its meant to have some teething problems. But, in its current state, my experience with Fade to Silence was close to unplayable, and for that reason, I won’t be booting it back up anytime soon.

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