Hideo Kojima could be looking to have an amazing 2018. Freed from his shackles at Konami, Kojima is currently directing his first title away from the Metal Gear Solid series since the 1990’s.

And Death Stranding, with its totally wappy Game Awards trailer, looks to be amazing.

But let’s not forget his previous masterpieces. Over on YouTube, videogame journalist Super Bunnyhop – real name George Weidman – has released his anticipated Critical Close Up of Kojima’s 2008 magnum opus, Metal Gear Solid 4. In the 45-minute video essay, Weidman goes into minute detail on the underpinning ideas that both plagued and inspired Solid Snake’s finale.

Highlights in the essay include:

  • A discussion on the Fan Service, and where it lets the game down.
  • A theory on how each different chapter in the game was influenced by previous titles in the series.
  • A frank look at how the game hinted that it perhaps didn’t want to be made.

This video is the latest in a long-running series of criticism focussed on the MGS series. Weidman’s previous Critical Close-Up’s are all lengthy takes on the previous Metal Gear Solid games (1, 2 and 3). Each offer a in depth perspective onto the many philosophical themes that underpin Kojima’s titles.

Weidman’s examination of Metal Gear Solid 2’s status as a postmodern sequel is a particular highlight, as seen below:

Try something new:

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