Fans of both fighting games and Final Fantasy, rejoice! Not only is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT getting released at the end of the month, but Square Enix has recently announced that an open beta will be available to all PlayStation 4 users with a valid PlayStation Plus subscription from 12th – 21st January 2018. That’s by no means a short beta, and with the various characters and modes available to players there’s certainly a lot to enjoy.

Featuring a playable roster of over 25 characters at launch from the Final Fantasy series, you’ll able to fill out your “Who would win in a fight: Cloud or Squall?” playground squabbles/adult dreams to your heart’s content. Coupled with the various arenas and soundtracks from across the 30 glorious years that the series has been around, there’s guaranteed to be something for every type of Final Fantasy fan.

Apologies if I sound somewhat excited, but I’ve been asking for this since the PSP titles were released. For those counting, that’s 9 years. Regardless, having lost a measly 400+ hours between the two PSP Dissidia releases, I’m certain that this latest title may possibly be the end of me. If you don’t hear from me again, Square Enix own my soul.

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