Character and Gameplay details have been revealed for Bandai Namco’s upcoming BC Project.

The game is based on the Black Clover series. It’s set in a world where magic is normal, and Knights battle each other in teams to prove themselves.

The title will find teams battling in fours. Each character comes with their own unique role.

Melee: Characters with this role will get up close and personal as they as they unleash devastating magic attacks on the enemy.

Range: This role will allow players to deal great damage from a distance with long-range attacks.

Barrier: This role will involve helping your teammates by boosting their abilities.

Healer: Healers will keep players busy by ensuring the other teammates are healed up during battle.

Battles will take place in arenas with various rule-sets allowing for diverse gameplay. “Area Controlling Fight” is one rule in which magical powers are obtained from magical rings dotted around the map.

BC Project

A range of characters were also announced to be playable in BC Project.

Asta: Asta can use agility to wall run around and over enemies, but can also eliminate enemy magic in one swing.

Yuno & Gauche: These two are both ranged characters. Yuno has high mobility in the air. Gauche is able to perform damaging attacks from afar with the ability to teleport using a mirror.

Noelle: Being a Barrier role within the team, Noelle is capable of protecting the team with high firepower magic.

Mimosa: Comes to heal other characters with a ranged and close-up magic. “Dream Healing Flower Basket” allows healing from afar, with the “Maiden’s nursery bed” trap also available.

BC Project is due to hit PS4 and PC in 2018. The official trailer can be found below.

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