Jared Moore


Joint Editor-In-Chief at Quillstreak. Freelance Journalist studying at Newcastle University. Enjoys long romantic walks across the Mojave Wasteland followed by dinner with the Baker household. Once swiped right and killed a king.

Jordan Oloman

Joint Editor-In-Chief of Quillstreak. Geordie student of Archaeology living vicariously through Nathan Drake. Loves old-school Adventure Games and anything made by Double Fine. Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp Wannabe.

Staff Writers


James McCoull

James McCoull is a Literature student studying for his Masters at Newcastle University. His passions in life include video games, being a cyberpunk wannabe, and a debilitating caffeine addiction.

Diego N. Arguello

Journalism student, frustrated bassist and Scott Pilgrim worshipper. I wanted to leave a mark in the world, so I became a writer. Learned English thanks to video games.

Jack Gash

Freelance Writer for Quillstreak, Living in the North East equivalent of Blight Town. Loves those gosh darn Fighting Games but have a variable interest across genres! Gets really excited about landing combos.

Georgina Howlett

20-year-old aspiring author and journalist, regularly found fleeing into the night in search of Pokémon. I wrote some articles for The Guardian once and used to work for Waterstones and GAME. If I’m not writing I’m yelling at useless people on Overwatch and Splatoon 2. Nintendo Switch ID: 0203-3480-8054